Sunday, March 11, 2012

modcloth pick's of the week!

1.) These are one of my favorites. Sunset Stroll Shorts by Modcloth 

2.) Styling 9-5 blazer by Modcoth

3.) Elegant invitation dress by Modcloth

4.)Focktober dress, i love love love this dress!

Sorry for the delay on the post! I really really love those shorts. I have a few bills to pay off but i think after i get them out of the way ill be treating myself to a pair of those bright yellow stunna's. I also really really love the Focktober dress. It looks so well made, and its so pretty. I love the colors as well. I need to shop and check on modcloth more often! Anyways, hope everyone's weekend is super C:, im starting to smell summer in the air again. It makes me literally, so happy. What do you guys think of these picks? Leave me some comments in the comment section below !

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