Monday, March 26, 2012

The beginnings of spring

Bonjour! These photo's are from last weekend. It was the first day of spring, so March 20th to be exact, and we wanted to be outside! We found this nice open park, tons of room to explore and take photo's. Nick tried showing me how to skip rocks, again. Yes, this was my second attempt, at failing horribly at it. He's a pretty good rock skipper. Now that i think of it, it was so warm last weekend now its gotten chilly, which is suppose to pass. I think by the end of this week its suppose to be back up in the 70's!

I feel like i got close to no sleep at all last night, which is weird because i know that i did. I even slept in today ( its one of my days off ) and for some reason i am exhausted. This might call for a nap.

on to other things,
i've been reading alot of  Rosemud  and kaity-deerly lately. Check these little ladies out!

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