Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Spring smells

Lets talk about Spring! Spring is one of my favorite seasons next to summer or maybe fall. It might be my most favorite. Recently i purchased Eau So fresh, by Marc Jacobs, in the roll on. At first i was super hesitant towards it. I usually like more woodsy smells. This at first is a bubbly and somewhat very girly. Totally not my thing. After wearing it, i fell in love with it. It's probably one of my favorite's. It screams spring. Not to girly/or musky. Light, and puuurfect for everyday wear. I can't tell you enough how much i love this perfume! 
If you have any other or similar recommendations send them my way :3

Also, has anyone tried She Belongs There, by lulu beauty 
i want to try it, send me a review if you currently use / have used it !

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