Monday, February 6, 2012

Cookie heart Lollipops ( here! ), Candy Heart necklace ( here! ), Mint Heart earrings ( here! ), Cutie booties ( here! )

We all know Valentines Day is sneaking up around the corner, so why not get some unique gifts this year for the one you love. Etsy's a great place to start, whether it be DIY or one of a kind ( but im sure you already knew that). It's probably the one place i shop mostly for everything. It beats big business any day! These are just a few handpicked items i recently found and couldn't resist how cute they were. I think any lady would be glad to receive any one of these, or all four! So my point being, before going to some big business to find a gift for the one you love, why not get them something they'd really enjoy or love thats unique && blissfully cute.

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